sole-Inventor of the Patent Military
Mounted Writing & shaving Cases


21,King Street Bloomsbury Sqre.

To his Royal Highness the
Duke of York

–&c, &c.–

Writing Desks, Dressing Cases
Lady’s Work and Jewel Boxes
Pocket Books,
&c, &c.
Old Desks, Dressing Cases repaired
or exchanged for new;

Good allowance made to Merchants
Captains Shops &c.

NB. Cut Glass, Silver, &c.&c.
Fine Cutlery-


EDWARDS: 21 King St. Holborn, also Bloomsbury , and for one year, 1813-14 at 84 St. James Str. 1813-1848d. A formidable maker of luxury boxes. David Edwards, and Thomas Edwards (1832-39). The Family connection established through bills. Made for the Royal family. Used kingwood and rosewood extensively. Also mahogany for what he claimed to be “patent travelling cases”. Writing boxes and dressing boxes mostly in Regency styles. All Edwards boxes are of impeccable quality.

See: pages  254, 294 Antique Boxes, Tea Caddies, and Society, 1700–1880 
Antigone Clarke & Joseph O’Kelly,
ISBN: 0764316885.
For an example of an Edwards sewing box see: hygra.com/uk/sb/sb104/

Some of Works

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